Well as ou can see I haven't gotten the locator back up yet. It's been a busy two years. After graduating from college I relocated to another state. I found gainful emplyment with a major internet based corporation where I keep pretty busy. I also moved the site to another provider that gives me 10 times the space at one half the price.

My plan is to build a database so I can better manage the information located on the site. Building the database was pretty easy but building the web front end is proving to be a little bit more challenging. For those of you out there who have your own website and think it should be pretty easy, think again. This is nothing like slapping a couple of tables in and writing a few lines of code. After talking to a couple of hardcore programmers I found that in order to build a front end web interface and properly secure it, I pretty much need to learn PHP programming. So that's where this project stands as of now.
So, where does that leave this project? It leaves it in a state of limbo. I do this on my own time and on my own dime. The best answer I can give anyone is it will be there when it gets there. If for some reason this doesn't quite fit your timeline then follow this link www.adobe.com. Here you can purchase web design software which you can use to design and build a website of your own.